Mike Kirk

There’s No Real Difference Between Meat Eaters and Vegans

Here at Veggie Guide, we love people just as much as we love animals and we love meat eaters just as much as veggies and vegans. Why?

Because deep down we all have a lot in common.

Let me explain…

1 – We are weak!

I used to eat meat (I ate meat for 24 years), then one day, when I no longer felt I needed it, I stopped.

Several years later The same happened for milk, some time after it was cheese, then finally eggs.

So why did I do it so gradually?

I put it down to SURVIVAL INSTINCT

I mean, I knew I didn’t need to eat these things, but my fears told me different:

“What if I cant quit cheese?”

“What if I can’t find enough to eat?”

“What if I get really hungry eating plants?”

“These foods make me feel great… What if I never feel good again?”

“I know other people can do it, but maybe they don’t love these foods like I do?”


Fear is a powerful de-motivator and it can easily lead to anger when challenged. Not only is this understandable, but it’s part of all of us!

2 – We want to be liked

We all crave approval from our peers.

Naturally we search for people like us and as we spend more time together, we gradually become more alike.

This makes our friends like us more and as a result, the longer we have friends, the harder it is to break that bond.

So what happens when we deviate from the rest of the group?

Usually they won’t like it and will try to pull you back in line. Often this starts with jokes, but it can become nasty. You may quickly find yourself distanced from them, or worse… OUTED!

It’s not easy to do the right thing when it means losing your friends!

3 – We hate to be criticised

Can you take criticism? It’s frustrating when you know you’re right, but it’s so much worse when you know your in the wrong!

I know when I am challenged, I can get angry. Especially if I’ve been caught out!

Doing the right thing can be scary… Especially if you have a lot to lose. Sometimes it easier to block it out.

4 – We hide from what we don’t feel we can change

When I ate meat I never looked into factory farming. Was it because I never cared? No. I don’t think so. I think it was because I cared too much.

The reason vegans are willing to watch videos of animals being harmed in factory farms is because they know they aren’t involved.

Meat eaters on the other hand find this content too disturbing. Why?

They know, in some indirect way that they are responsible.

5 – We have the capacity to change

Every one of us has a caring loving side (though I feel some hide it behind their perceived arrogance), but we usually only accept our faults, when we’re confident we can change them.

It is so important not to attack each other’s way of life. Instead lead by example. Live well and others will naturally follow.

Don’t judge, but give others the guidance that you wish you had, without the criticism that would have pushed you away.

Mike Kirk

Writer, nutritionist, personal trainer, graphic designer, website developer, content marketer @ SmartSprout and Senior Editor of Veggie Guide

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