Veggie Guide is a volunteer-run (no-one gets paid) project created to support vegans and those interested in veganism, plant-based lifestyles and ethical living.

We are always on the look-out for skilled writers (with experience) and other contributors who share our values. Please read our values below. If you still want to contribute, please drop us an email (email address in the footer) and include links to your previous works (where applicable).

While we very much care for animals and the environment, we do not judge those who think differently. It is only because of freedom of choice that we are able to practise veganism.

Also, we believe that humans are sentient beings, as are other animals, and if sentience is the main factor in deciding what we can and cannot consume, use or abuse, then we should not abuse humans either, regardless of their choices.

We do not support any group or person which/who preaches peace/equality through the discrimination or hate of other humans or animals. Peace is inclusive not exclusive and cannot be achieved through discrimination, ridicule, abuse or violence.