Where to start

You need to start by phoning your local council for lists of local allotments (societies/associations). Types of councils which might be linked to you may be;

  • District
  • Borough
  • City
  • Parish

An easy way to find which local council you are link to, go onto the government’s ‘Apply for an allotment’ page and type in your post code within the search facility. This will give you contact information for your local council. They will be able to provide a list of local allotments, from there you can add your name to a number of different sites close to you.

Which allotment site is best for you

When you have been given a list of allotment sites to choose from, you need to think about the benefits of each of the sites. Things to think about are;

  • How far from your home is it?
  • Does it have good access and parking within or around the allotment?
  • Is the allotment secure?
  • Does the allotment have a shop?
  • Does it have a toilet on site?

Which plot is best for you

As of 2016, plots have become very popular, so when you get notified from the local allotment association about a plot becoming vacant, please do not jump in head first. There are a number of points to consider, which are;

  • Is the plot overgrown?
  • Does it have the dreaded;
  • Horsetail
  • Bindweed
  • Ground Elder
  • Couch Grass
  • Does the plot have pathways?
  • Is it close to a water point?
  • Does it have a shed in reasonable condition?
  • Is it close to a roadway, which can be used in the delivery of manure?

For further information about finding your allotment or choosing your plot, please click here.